Fatal error


I get the following error when trying to access my tiki:
Fatal error: Uncaught — > Smarty Compiler: Syntax error in template "ec77d1b8a85e45db3377d6e044d85853664987ce" on line 1 "#module_11 .panel-heading {color:white}" - Unexpected ":", expected one of: "}" < — thrown in /home/storage/1/64/db/procomex/public_html/tiki/tiki/vendor/smarty/smarty/distribution/libs/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php on line 1

What do I do?!
Please help!!!


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Looks like you added some invalid Smarty syntax ( in a custom module, or maybe the custom code area.... I can't tell for certain). You'll need to access the database to disable the offending module. or edit the custom code area. You might find the "Top Tips" in  my primer useful.


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Thank you for the speedy reply. Unfortunately it took me a while to get access to the database. Now that I have, I am able to get to the third step "Click browse to display all of the current Tiki settings and preferences", however I am not able to find the "SITEMYCODE" row. I've looked all over preferences and have searched for it as well. Is there a chance it could be called something else?

Thank you!


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In newer Tiki versions, it was renamed to feature_custom_html_head_content.


You may need to manually clear your Tiki caches, too.




Nope. I don't have that either. This is what I see:

allowRegister                         y 

browsertitle                           Tiki (Wiki)

category_i18n_synced           a:0:{}

change_language                   y

display_field_order                DMY

display_timezone                   America/Sao_Paulo

error_reporting_adminonly  n

error_reporting_level            2039

feature_articles                      y

feature_banning                    y

feature_blogs                         y

feature_calendar                   y

feature_categories                 y

feature_custom_home           y         

feature_editcss                      y

feature_fixed_width              y

feature_forums                      y

feature_fullscreen                 y

feature_galleries                    y

feature_jquery_ui                  y

feature_jquery_ui_theme      none

feature_layoutshadows        y

feature_minichat                   y

feature_modulecontrols       y

feature_multilingual             y

feature_multilingual_structures      y

feature_newsletters              y

feature_polls                          y

feature_sheet                         y

feature_shoutbox                  y

feature_show_stay_in_ssl_mode       y

feature_slideshow                 y

feature_surveys                     y                     

feature_switch_ssl_mode      n         

feature_sync_language         y

feature_theme_control          y

feature_theme_control_autocategorize       y

feature_translation               y

feature_use_fgal_for_wiki_attachments       y

feature_user_watches_translations             y

feature_wiki_attachments    y

feature_wysiwyg                   y


fgal_default_view                   browse

fgal_elfinder_feature             y


fgal_keep_fileId                      n

fgal_list_author                      o

fgal_list_author_admin          o         

fgal_list_backlinks                  n

al_list_backlinks_admin         y

fgal_list_comment                  y                                                                                                                   fgal_list_comment_admin         o                                                                                                                   fgal_list_created                     o

fgal_list_created_admin         o                                                                                                                   fgal_list_creator             o                                                                                                                  fgal_list_creator_admin         o                                                                                                                   fgal_list_deleteAfter                  n                                                                                                                  fgal_list_description               o                                                                                                                   fgal_list_description_admin     o                                                                                                                  fgal_list_files                           o                                                                                                                   fgal_list_files_admin                  o                                                                                                                   fgal_list_hits                            o                                                                                                                   fgal_list_hits_admin                  o                                                                                                                   fgal_list_id                               o                                                                                                                  fgal_list_id_admin                     y                                                                                                                   fgal_list_last_user                   o                                                                                                                  fgal_list_last_user_admin          o                                                                                                                   fgal_list_lastDownload           n                                                                                                                  fgal_list_lastDownload_admin n                                                                                                                   fgal_list_lastModif                  y                                                                                                                  fgal_list_lastModif_admin         y                                                                                                                   fgal_list_lockedby                   a                                                                                                                  fgal_list_lockedby_admin         n                                                                                                                   fgal_list_name                                    n                                                                                                                  fgal_list_name_admin   n                                                                                                                   fgal_list_share                                    n                                                                                                                   fgal_list_size                              y                                                                                                                   fgal_list_size_admin               y                                                                                                                   fgal_list_type                             y                                                                                                                   fgal_list_type_admin              y                                                                                                                   fgal_podcast_dir                        files/                                                                                                                  fgal_quota_default                 0                                                                                                                   fgal_show_slideshow                y                                                                                                                  fgal_sort_mode                       name_desc                                                                                                                   fgal_use_dir                                                                                                                  

freetags_multilingual                        y                                                                                                                   gal_use_lib                                 gd                                                                                                                  geo_zoomlevel_to_found_location  continent                                                                                                                   header_custom_css                                                                                                                   

https_login                             encouraged                                                                                                                   https_port                                                                                                                   internal_site_hash                 pIZlDccWcoFFDgcTqTjXpQkAJIQyyU+MxpZHlLG79vIgCfBJHX...                                                                  

language                    pt-br                                                                                                                  

log_tpl                                 n                                                                                                                   

maxRecords               999999                                                                                                                   maxRowsGalleries                                                                                                                  registerPasscode                                                                                                                  

rememberme                        all                                                                                                                  remembertime          31556926

rowImagesGalleries                                                                                                              scaleSizeGalleries                                                                                                                  

sender_email             procomex at procomex.org.br                                      

 server_timezone            America/Sao_Paulo                                                                                                                   showRegisterPasscode     n            

site_closed                              n                                                                                                                   site_closed_msg                        Site fechado. Somente disponível com permissão.                                                                                                          

site_layout                                  header_middle_footer_containers_3-6-3                                                         sitelogo_alt                                                                                                                  

sitelogo_bgcolor                     transparent                                            

sitelogo_icon                                   http://www.procomex.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2014...                                                                                                                   sitelogo_src                                    http://www.procomex.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2014...                                                                                                                   sitelogo_title                           Procomex                                                          sitesubtitle                                                                                                                  


smarty_notice_reporting           n

style                                        fivealive-lite.css

style_admin                            fivealive-lite.css

style_admin_option               NULL

style_option                            NULL

theme_active                          legacy




tikiIndex                                 tiki-custom_home.php

unified_identifier_fields        a:9:{i:0;s:8:"language";i:1;s:15:"view_permission"...

unified_last_rebuild              1411944142

unified_mysql_index_current           index_54288ecf20923

useRegisterPasscode                        n

wikiHomePage                       Setor Privado

wikiplugin_tr                          y

wizard_admin_hide_on_login            y

wysiwyg_htmltowiki              y

wysiwyg_inline_editing         y

wysiwyg_optional                  y

United States

Well... your original error message mentioned module_11, but I see no such ID in your database. Are you sure you posted the correct error message?

What Tiki version are you using?

Also, did the site work at one time? If so, what did you recently change?



- Rick  |  My Tiki Blog |  My Tiki UserPage

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When I called the provider to see if they could help me out, it seems like the error message changed to:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '>' in /home/storage/1/64/db/procomex/public_html/tiki/tiki/vendor/smarty/smarty/distribution/libs/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php on line 1



The site did work at one point!

We're running the latest version of Tiki



United States

That seems to indicate some sort of error in the smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php file. Is it possible that you inadvertantly edited it? Or it may have become corrupt.

I would try to re-load a known-good version. 

And it would help to know the exact Tiki version you're using... there are different "latest" versions, for example, depending if you're on the LTS cycle or pulling from Trunk. Please see http://tiki.org/download for details.


- Rick  |  My Tiki Blog |  My Tiki UserPage

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