Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Which version to install right now and upgrade to Tiki 14 later?

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Greetings Tiki persons, new user here, building a new site with some friends, details on what kind of site are in my profile. I'm not very knowledgeable past basic HTML and CSS, only understand static pages but I boldly volunteered to get something useful up and running.

We're keen to tackle Tiki. We like your all-in-one-package approach and we like your philosophy. I've been reading hard all over tiki.org for the past two weeks. Looking forward to the release of Tiki 14, for the responsive goodness and some other nice things.

In the meantime, because we have a deadline on the horizon, we'd like to start working with some version of Tiki now and then upgrade to 14 in a month or so. A local install on my machine isn't feasible, we live in different ends of the country so we must collaborate online.

I'll put Tiki in a sub-directory. But which Tiki?

Option 1.
Easy 1-click in our hosting provider's Softaculous will install Tiki 12.3 LTS.

Option 2.
Switch PHP to version 5.5, follow instructions in the Docs and manually install Tiki 13.1.

Which option would you advise? We plan to just work with some basic content and the default template so we don't have a lot of baggage to carry when we move to Tiki 14.

Also, say for some reason we wanted to uninstall Tiki. I've searched and found no info on how to do this. I have a rough idea and imagine it's not difficult, but would appreciate some instructions. I'm so RTFM.

Cheers, I promise not to be so long-winded in future posts. Well, I'll try.

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You should take a look at the Tiki Version Lifecycle (especially the "Strategies" section to decide which path to take. 

As for how to uninstall, simple delete the files in your Tiki directory and remove the MySQL database.


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Hello Meave,

good question.

As you have a PHP 5.5 opportunity and dare to manually install anyway, I strongly recommend to start with Tiki14.0it always upfront.

Tiki 13 was a great piece of software, but was always meant to be a preliminary step between old and new - nothing really to start with, since you have a chance to start a deveopment with Tiki 14 now.

Really: go for 14 from start.

I have aswell a 14 beta and a pre-15 trunk running productive (kind of productive testing), each one in an associations intranet.

Quite soon I will have to upgrade the public website of one of the two associations from Tiki 12.x and definitely I will do that directly to Tiki 14.

Tiki 13 was necessary, was helpful, was unavoidable. But 14 is what 13 wanted to help getting.

This said, I tink really painful nothing will be as long as you do not customise a Tiki 12 too much with CSS and unresponsive WikiPlugins.
As long as you stick to legacy themes and to basic layout, more discovering the functional features of Tiki (like trackers for document management or so), you could start wit any version.

Hope that helps.


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Rick, thanks for your prompt reply, it certainly helps.

Torsten, thank you too. I won't install Tiki 13 and I get why you say stick to basics in 12. But if I understand you correctly I could just install 14 beta now and only do basic stuff until the full release. Cool, I'll try that.