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Can't get rid of search option in my menu

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Since upgrading to 14.0 I have gained a 'search' option in the menu and I can't for the life of me find the option to remove it.

I've been into the menu's control panel and it's not even in there. It must be an option somewhere else.

Any ideas?

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Hi nsc...

can you provide a screenshot please?


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even as this is a very tiny piece of a screenshot, I see what's the reason:

You did apply the 'main application menu' to the top bar.

No problem with that, but the Menu 42 ('main application menu') is kind of secured from changes - it is a fallback to have basic access, when you screw up things.

Two options:

  1. You could create a complete new menu and add only what you need (as the horizontal top bar usually does not contain the admin options and a huge number of links)
    For that you could use either the standard menus (like menu Id 42, 43, 44, 45, etc. ... after you create additional ones in conjunction with a Module "Menu" ... or ...

    You could use a WikiStructure in conjunction with a Module "Menu"
    You could use a wiki page in conjunction with a Module "Menupage"
    You could use a custom module and create the menu by hand with HTML and optionally with Smarty Syntaxt and WikiSyntax and JavaScript, respectively jQuery

  1. You could "clone" the menu 42 (which would then be for example menu 43) and the do change everything to that menu (delete, add, change menu items)

Best regards,

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Hehe :P

Yup, that's exactly what it was. I had already cloned it but set the wrong menu number.  All back to normal.

Thanks Torsten,  Helpful as always!

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