Utopias Theme with Fixed Top Modules

Hi all,
I'm playing around with Tiki14Beta and stumbled upon a fact I'm not sure if this is a bug or simply a design issue.

I chose Utopias Theme and set the Site Layout to "Fixed top module". This works perfect on my 23" desktop and the 15.6" and 11.6" notebooks, but testing it with my mobile phones was both - wow and ohh!
First impression is: Fantastic! I had not expected such good readability. Even tabels are handled without loosing their structure. If they are to wide you have to scroll to the right (where you stumble upon cells in background color, as the cell itself has no background in every second line, but that's a minor point), but if you swift the screen to horizontal (as the PC screen is anyway) the table is shown completly even on my old Nokia 5230 with 640x360 pixels.

Disadvantage came up when trying to login. I activated the menu on the right top corner on my iPhone (well... my companies one, they give ONLY iphones to their employees) and got the content of the top banner, but no login fields. At least the link to the login was there, but typing on it had only the effect that once the words "Log In" were underlined and the next time not. Looked like an Safari issue to me.
Then switching to the Nokia with the smaller screen als lower resolution - and much less powerful browser. I tested the same - and there I saw the top line of the user field under the words "Log In". I tried to expand the top windows, but that didn't work. Instead of that I could move the content of that top window upwards - and the Login fields became visible.
Going back to the iPhone the same trick worked there.

So there is no functional error, but what I missed is a hint how and where to proceed, maybe a scrollbar or something similar. I don't know if this needs to be addressed to the layout of the template developers - and I don't know if this is something that should be filed as a bug anyway, as it's "only" a suboptimal visibility of an (important) function on mobile displays.

So I post it here and am curious for the feedback.

Best regards

...who was REALLY impressed by the mobile view, as most other websites are almost unreadable there. But why does Tiki transmit 2.5 MB of data to show a few lines of text???


Hi Uli,

I think the site header section of the page, in the small-device view, is the weak link in Tiki's layout right now. The normal Bootstrap navbar is pretty limited and highly structured to work well across all display sizes. Tiki has had a looser idea of what can go at the top of the page, and this isn't really well adapted yet for phones and small tablets, etc.

If the phone view is critical, probably the "social networking style" layout is the best for a Tiki site to use right now, as it conforms the closest to the default Bootstrap HTML. Different arrangements of modules in the site header could be experimented with too, as well as linking to the login screen rather than using a dropdown, which as you described, has some trouble currently in the site header.

Thanks for the feedback. This is definitely an area that will be worked on and improved in coming releases.

-- Gary