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Re: Re: wiki template does not load in Mobile

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Hello Torsten

Thank you for your reply.

To answer you question-

1. I have created content templates and used to update them directly from my laptop.

2.  I faced problem while switching between WYSIWYG and wiki syntax so I use only WYSIWYG on account of familiarity.

3.  I have taken screen shots of my phone. one shows the screen loading pepetually, the second is when I forced saved the screen. Third, tiki site- you cannot see the login?

2015 05 28 13.15.23   2015 05 28 13.13.59   2015 05 28 13.34.58  


4. I have created a temporary user id tiki password tiki123 for you to see the problem on your phone.

5. the url http://www.outoftheblue.co.in/tiki-index.php?page=Monday+Night+Family+Night++June+2015&structure=ConceptNotesPage&page_ref_id=209