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Setting up a Login for a preview launch

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In a couple of weeks we would like to have a preview launch of our site, visible just to some invited guests so they can give us some feedback.

We'd like to set this up the way the demo Tiki site is, with a single username and password for all the guests to login with, instead of obliging them register individually.

Is it as simple as creating and registering a fictitious user, applying appropriate permissions and emailing guests the username and password?

Any complications/cautions we need to consider?

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Not that I can imagine.

Wether you work with category permissions or not, you set up a group and grantthe appropriate permissions to that group. Then a user and add the user to the group.

User-Permission-Management is a hard business, but mostly independantly from the software - the softwar mostly limits by the amount of awailable permissions or the depth of permission per function.

I do not see real problems for your demo setup.

If the demo user has wrong permissions, just change for the group.


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Excellent! Many thanks Torsten.

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