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wiki syntax: text-align right?

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Dear Tikifolks, how can I make text align to the right - is there some wiki syntax for this?

I know it can be done in WYSIWYG edit mode, but the text I want to align is inside a tab, and the WYSIWYG editor will not allow me to edit that text at all.

HTML I can handle, in wiki I am but noob.

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Ah, fantastic! Looks great. Thanks so much Rick.

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Anyway to do this within a table? Like many things, does not seem to work within a table cell.
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You can use the colaligns parameter, such as:

{FANCYTABLE(head="Heading1 | Heading2|Heading3" colaligns="right|left|right")}R1C1 | R1C2 |R1C3 R2C1 | R2C2|R2C3{FANCYTABLE}

Will right-align the first and third columns. Please see the docs for details.


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Oddly, the headings do not follow the colaligns parameter. Only the body of the table.