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Hi Torsten,


I think it is working now and I'm happy. I have named my Wiki Page "File Gallery" and my uploaded my forms called "Form Example". I have added '{files galleryId="28"}' to the Wiki Page. The screenshots I have added to show you what I've done.

I think this might be the easiest and cleanest way to present and organize our forms. However, I don't like the fact that the user would have to go through all of the previously created Wiki Pages to find our company "Forms" page linked to the File Gallery. I guess the search toolbar at the top is helpful though.

All this is great, but I still have the issue of the user going into "Wiki" on the left of the navigation menu without them knowing that the forms are on that page.  I wanted to assign the name "Forms" on the left of the navigation bar so it goes directly to our company forms from there.

I appreciate your assistance with this,



United States

If you're trying to improve your users' navigation experience, why not simply create a new menu with a FORMS option that links directly to the page? Please see the docs for details on creating custom menus, or you may find my primer helpful.


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create and edit menus / menu items:

http://yourdomain.com/tiki-adminmenus.php /tiki-adminmenus.php

apply and edit module_menu:

http://yourdomain.com/tiki-adminmodules.php /tiki-adminmodules.php => Mind to use the Module named Menu (systemname module_menu => for a menu you need the menu Id => for a wikistructure (maybe not feasible in this specific use case) you nee the structure Id or the name of the wiki page from which you created the wikistructure, which can be used instead of the structure Id => for a menu in the left or right column use type=vert => for a menu in the topbar or header or pagetop use type=horiz => use either bootstrap=y for a bootstrap alike looking and behaving behaving menu or css=y for a classic css menu => if your users usually block JavaScript, you should use css=y (bootstrap=n), cause Bootstrap Menus need JavaScript active