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Hi everyone -

I'm totally new at Tikiwiki, and am converting over our old Mediawiki.

I would like to replicate the contents box on this page on my new Tikiwiki - but can't seem to figure out what formatting or mark-up symbols will let me do that.

Is this option not available in Tiki - or is there some other way to do it?

The contents box is a feature on a huge number of the pages on our old Mediawiki - so I'd really love to have them show up on our new Tiki.

Thanks for any help you can give.


Hi ladyejan,

the easiest way is simple WikiSyntax: use ~ns~


some content in a box

would result in

some content in a box^

more flexible way with WikiPlugins:


some content in a box

would result in

some content in a box

Parameters and code examples for the Plugin BOX and the plugin REMARKSBOX you find here:

PluginBox and PluginRemarksbox


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If you simply want to add a table of contents to your page (based on the text headings of the page), simply use the maketoc plugin. Please see the docs for details: https://doc.tiki.org/pluginmaketoc

You can easily style/format the table of contents by including it by using hte BOX or REMARKSBOX plugin, or simply using the ^ wiki syntax shortcut, as Torsten suggests.


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Thanks for the quick replies!

It looks like the plugin maketoc is exactly what I need.


Is there some place I can go to find out how to download it, and where it should be installed?

I looked through the forums and the link to the plugin - but didn't see any info.



It's already installed (that's the Tiki all-in-one model ;-) ). Just input the maketoc syntax at the top of your page, along with any optional parameters you want to use, such as a special title for the box and whether it can be clicked open and shut, etc., as described on https://doc.tiki.org/pluginmaketoc.

-- Gary

Thank you, thank you Gary!


I thought it was an addtional thing I had to track down.