How to change background of login box


I added a header background image to my tiki (arkbaseball.com) by changing thenews.css file but I can't seem to figure out how to change the background color of the login box (set on "popup") in the upper right hand corner. I tried just changing the background color under .siteloginbar in the css to transparent, but with no results. Any ideas?


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You need to modify the li.tabcontent element that is inside ul.siteloginbar_poppedup. Something like this should work:

ul.siteloginbar_poppedup li.tabcontent { background:#FBFF01 }


You might find my primer on how to find "which CSS styles to edit" helpful.



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Thanks for the reply. I tried what you suggested, but it appears that it only changed the color of the popup menu, not the content around the Log in link menu box (which I'm trying to make transparent).

I tried changing the ".cssmenu_horiz li "background to transparent, but off course,  that changed all the menus to transparent in the process. Thus, I tried just changing the ".siteloginbar_popup .cssmenu_horiz ul" backround color, which worked as long as the ".cssmenu_horiz li" was set on transparent, but when I set ".cssmenu_horiz li" back to default, it seems to overide the background color set under ".siteloginbar_popup .cssmenu_horiz ul li." Is there a way to keep it from overiding?


Thanks again.



How about trying this:

.siteloginbar_popup > .cssmenu_horiz, .siteloginbar_popup > .cssmenu_horiz > li {background: transparent;}

-- Gary


Gary, that worked! Thanks for the code!