Change images on home page Carousel

Hi ,

Apologies if this is located in the wrong section.

I need to change the carousel images (rotating gallery) located on the front page of this website:

However I'm not able to find in the back-end where to make this change. I've checked through modules and plugins with no luck.

If someone could direct me to the appropriate tutorial page or let me know where I can edit this section it would be greatly appreciated :-)

Many thanks!!

Czech Republic
It seems to be customized carousel included in the site header. Look for the theme custom tpl files in templates/YOURTHEMENAME/ or any modified tpl files (probably layouts/classic/layout_view.tpl) in templates/ folder.

Hi Luciash,

You were absolutely right! Once I finally located the file, it was easy to modify from there.

Thanks a bunch for the help! Much appreciated!!