Sitetitle trouble

I've searched hard but no answer to my problem in wiki... si I try in the forum!
As my site title is a bit long and as I dont't it to be cut randomly, I would like to cut it myself where I want and have it on two lines. And the, the subtitle under.
I've tried
/n //n .... but nothing work :-(

Could you give me the solution ?

Thanx in advance!



Hi Luc,

I tried a few ways to make the line break, such as using the HTML break tag, and nothing worked. Maybe someone else knows a way to break the line but, if not, here's another approach: limit the width of the subtitle heading to force it to wrap to a second line. You can enter a rule like this in the custom CSS text area of the Look & Feel admin page:

.sitesubtitle {width: 10em;}

You'll need to experiment to find the width that works correctly (changing 10 to a larger or smaller number).

-- Gary


Hi Gary!


Thanx a lot for your *great* tip! It works fine :-)

You're right, it's not perfect, but It allow me to work on other things, while  waiting a better way to break the line,  By the way if somebody know this.... let me know!


Whatever, thanx for your very fast and good answer, it helps me much.