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Map Plugin activated but not visible

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Hi all,

I've install the tiki 14.1 on a test server. Logged as Admin (I haven't configured any user yet), Through Application Menu > Settings > Permissions I've selected all permissions for Admins.

In this way I've expected to be able to access the Map Plugin settings. But this one has been impossible.

Under Application Menu > Settings > Control Panel > Maps, I can see that the plugin is activated and the required Unified Search Index is OK, but I can not access the settings nor the link to display the map.

Can someone help me.

That you in advances,

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Do you mean that the Map plugin doesn't appear in the list of plugins when you're editing a page? Try clearing the Tiki cache.

To confirm that the Map plugin is actually enabled, try manually adding it to a page. Please see the docs for details.


- Rick | My Tiki Blog | My Tiki UserPage

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