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Ajax Error and WYSIWYG (html mode)

posts: 6 Brazil

Hi! Thanks a lot for the excellent job in 14. Im very happy.

I have a question.
I have just installed from the zero the version 14.1 and when I try to edit a new wiki page I get

ajax error

in the text field (pic attached) Apagar Tikiwiki

And in no way in the toolbar admin I can change the toolbar of the wiki to the more complete HTML mode. I just have 2 lines of tools insted of 3 as I want.

Do you have any tip? Thanks for reading.
Maybe the toolbar error have something with the ajax error

Apagar Tikiwiki 2

posts: 6 Brazil

I have solved in part the question in the wizard

But Im still with this error message :

It may not be possible to edit this page reliably in WYSIWYG mode in this browser.

Any clue? :-)

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