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Converting text on me when saving

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Hopefully quick one — when I save a section of text like this in a wiki page:

* -+on Submit After+-

(without spaces — had to put them in or this editor is converting it too) after submitting, tiki is changing the text to

* -+on < x > submit After: [[function]+-

(again, without all those spaces — inserted to prevent whatever is happening from happening)

YIKES — just previewed this post and this editor is doing it too! To be clear, what I'm trying to post here and enter on my page is the words 'on', 'Submit' and 'After' concatenated into a single word. What I'm getting after save is the 'on', then the word submit is all in lower case and is prefixed by a less than, an 'x' and a greater than sign. I'm trying to enter them and they are getting eaten by this editor too

I have no idea why. Not only is the result incorrect (the API docs I'm writing require correct case 'on Submit After' (without those spaces) not the 'onsubmitAfter' that you see), but it's inconsistent. All my API calls that start with onsubmit are being affected, but other onXXXX style calls are not.

I've tried surrounding this with ~np~, ~pp~ to no effect — it's still converting my text on save.

I'm I tripping over some auto-conversion thing? I'm on 15.2



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The "< x >" insertion is an instance of Tiki's "sanitizing" content to prevent malicious scripts from being run. There isn't an admin interface for this, to make exceptions for trusted users to be able to add protected-against strings, unfortunately. What I do is put a pair of Tiki comment tags ( ~tc~~/tc~ ) in the term, with nothing between them. They break up the string on the source level but don't show visually on the page. Here I inserted them between "on" and "Submit":


-- Gary

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And would it work with a CODE block for you? That seems to display that code (for documentation purposes, escaping syntax parsing, that's what many people do (and that plugin was designed for that).


Otherwise, I hope that the wise workaround by chibaguy solves the issue in your use case.

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mmmm, ok, the code plugin surrounding that text doesn't seem to keep intact in forums, but only in wiki pages. If you try in a wiki page, it works. See it here:

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