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help with properly configuring tracker templates in Tiki15

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I use wiki pages as templates for 'viewing' tracker items (will eventually use them for editing) in Tiki12, works great.

But can't get them to work in Tiki15. There must be some new functionality I have not found to make it work, as I copied everything I did in Tiki 12 (per instructions on the page: https://doc.tiki.org/Pretty+Tracker)
(- Tracker and TrackerList previously created)
- created wiki page and template format
- granted permissions on this page for 'tiki_p_use_as_template'
- added this page in the Tracker Properties > Display > Template to Display an Item ("wiki:(page name"))

So in the meantime I'm trying to use the Tabs view but for my large tracker (>200 fields) with over 40 headers, I'm kind of 'committed' to templates, a lot of work to switch over to Tabs view completely.


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ok, I've tried to solve this on my own for a while, and finally after I ask for help, I finally got closer to the answer!

In: Tracker Properties > Display > I chose the option 'Configured'

Now the wiki page with TrackerList displays the template, but without any data.
I've tried also checking the box 'Use Form Classes' but did not change anything.
I also tried adding the 'Input Form Classes' (both options 'form-horizontal' or 'col-md-9'), nothing changed.

So the last step I can't figure out (yet) would be how to get the wiki page template to be filled in with data.


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If the data does not show on templates, the first thing you would check is to see if the fields you have specified in TrackerList match the {$f_fieldId} you have used in the template.
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Hi Niel,

I double checked the field ID's, yes, they are correct. The issue is that the tracker is not even referencing the wiki template, I believe I did all the steps necessary (see explanation above) but maybe I missed some more steps that were added in TW15 (though haven't tested in the recently released 15.3 & 15.4, or, 16.2).


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Hi Mike,

I do have this working with 15.2. I will do my best to explain how...

As you say, you need to set the "Section Format" to Configured in the Display Properties of the tracker.

Then in "Template to Display an Item" i have coded - wiki:DisplayClassTPL

Where DisplayClassTPL is a wiki page with permission 'tiki_p_use_as_template'

The DisplayClassTPL page has the following TrackerList coded

{trackerlist trackerId="28" fields="141:143:142:144:158:159:161:162:163:164" view="page" wiki="wikipagefromClasstrackerTPL"}

The wiki page "wikipagefromClasstrackerTPL" referenced also has the permission 'tiki_p_use_as_template' and is the page with the list of fields and the manner I want to use to display them.





This lists all the items in tracker 28 with the layout specified in "wikipagefromClasstrackerTPL". I imagine your trackerlist contains some filtering too.

I hope this helps.


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Hi Gail,

thanks for taking your time to help me out. I finally managed to get the templates working for both viewing and editing in TW 15.4

But I'm running into an issue with displaying and editing the 'Status' field.
on the Pretty Tracker page https://doc.tiki.org/Pretty+Tracker under the section 'Syntax', it says to use:

{$f_status}: status (output)
{$f_status_input}: status input field

I cannot get it to display during 'view' or 'edit'

Have you successfully used this field on wiki page templates?


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Hi Mike,

I have not attempted to use the status field, I have my own `status` fields because I wanted to link them to additional information in the tracker.

I am using 16.2 at the moment. I tried adding {$f_status} as a field in the wiki pages I use for editing and viewing the tracker.
For viewing I was successful, {$f_status} showed as "o" (open) for my items.
For editing I had no success using either {$f_status} or {$f_status_input}, the status field was not displayed in either case.

Hopefully one of the developers can answer this, as the status field appears to be used in the tikiwiki "wishes" tracker.