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Architecture / Installation

500 Server Error when trying to export via phpMyAdmin

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I use phpMyAdmin to make back-up copies of my Tiki installation.

Always worked, but after upgrading to Tiki 15, it stopped working and just give me an 500 Server Error.

Here's a screenshot:
Error 500 When Exporting

I also get the same message when re-indexing finishes (seems to re-index, so I guess it's working).

On another installation of Tiki 15 that is a sub-domain, exporting works fine - the only difference is that there is an SSL certificate on the one that does not work. All seems to be installed properly, but maybe something was missed (both are on VPS hosting, CentOS v.6x)

One more piece of information - when I run the 'Server Fitness Check', it says 'MySQL Server does not have SSL activated' (i.e. OFF). I can't help but think, should this be 'ON'?

How is this done? I don't have access to the server so would need to be able to explain to the IT admin.

Anyone have the same? Any ideas?