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A poor decision by the Tiki Admins

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Thanks for taking your time to reply - as one of the lead developers to Tiki your time is spread particularly thin.

Yes, of course, I definitely add bug reports - though sometimes I am hesitant until I can completely confirm it is not my particular Tiki instance that has the problems, or more likely, I have not configured something incorrectly.

With the amount of data and complexity of most software today, bugs, and even data loss are to be expected from time to time - heck, even Microsoft is famous for data loss with Win10!

Given the current development cycle (LTS + STS), my reason for commenting was to suggest that a greater accent should be placed on the LTS versions, particularly on publicly facing sites. To reiterate (and my opinion only), I believe that more enterprises use an LTS over an STS (if this option is available, see more below about this), as most enterprises have similar requirements - stability, few changes for end users and good security. All three are provided by an LTS, while an STS version can only provide the security aspect, because the whole idea of an STS is to push the boundaries and provide leading edge features. Tiki can have 2mn paid employees, and an STS will still have more issues than an LTS.

I understand why all the Tiki Admins like STS versions, and even prefer them:

1) because they have the tools to 'look under the hood' and see what's wrong, or, at least get an idea to ask other dev specialists to take a look. End users do not.

2) Dev's look at bugs as 'challenges', end users (and Managers of end users in an enterprise setting) typically just want to use the software as a tool to get work done, and so that their workflows are disrupted as little as possible.

That said, it's understood that all the Tiki Admins (who to the best of my knowledge) are all dev's, like STS versions better than LTS versions. All 'like-minded' thinkers, a homogeneous group (e.g. all drinking the same Kool-Aid) - however, we all know 'diversity' provides much better (albeit slower) decisions. Maybe eventually, as more people contribute, other non-dev types can be added to the Tiki Admins (e.g. Marketing, Community Coordinator, etc.). Eventually, I may volunteer my services (currently unable due to time commitments).

However, please don't mistake, I am extremely grateful to this awesome group of dev's who deliver a great product, and for free. The STS versions are extremely important, they play a vital role - but they have their place supporting an LTS, not replacing it.

Finally, 'outside of the current development cycle' is possibly another option - given the constraints of many smaller open source projects (e.g. contributors), many choose a 'Rolling Release' cycle. Quite popular with Linux distro's, though not sure how it would work with Tiki as all distro's have fairly well defined components.

In any case, a 'rolling-release' could significantly free up resources, improve overall quality and provide the best of both worlds, LTS + STS. Just a suggestion.