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Features / Usability

What is the correct LIST syntax to add 'delete' (item) functionality?

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Hi Bernard,

thanks for the code above and this link to the bug report. I guess we will have to wait to see if other 'LIST Experts' report the same issues ( Jonny Bradley Roberto Kirschbaum nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

While I don't know how to use the code entirely (tried a number of variations) the part with 'tiki-tracker-remove-item' sheds some light on the correct formatting (tracker_remove_items, or, the full path from permissions tiki_p_remove_tracker_items)

Do you 'pass though' variables in the confirm delete pop-up? While this pop-up is nice and necessary, without some variables from the item for confirmation it would be easy for a user to delete the item above or below where they thought they clicked.

Roberto Kirschbaum created a nice 'click-modal' for one project that passed through some variables to link two Tracker items, but it was one button at the bottom of the LIST and only for new items, not at the end of each row for existing items. I'll have to see if I can combine that one and yours (pending any bug confirmations/fixes)