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Creating a knowledgebase with typed relationships

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Da'ud Vyd wrote:

I'd like to create a knowledgebase or data wiki (using trackers if necessary) where each page/item has the following fields:

1. Name (Title)
2. Type
3. Content (wiki parsed)
4. Table of links with these fields:
* title of linked item
* type of linked item (e.g. "excerpt from journal article")
* semantic relationship (e.g. "similar to")
* text note about the link or relationship

Hi Da'ud Vyd

Everyone knows i'm a huge tracker/list plugin fan but in this case i think i'd try doing this with just wiki pages 😱

Everything you need i think is there in pages, the Type can be a category, and the table of links could either be in a wiki template as you say, and/or in a plugin alias combining a few plugin lists. Semantic links are supported too so i'm not sure what benefit the tracker would all - but as always, there are many different ways to achieve things in tiki, and you often don't find out you picked the wrong one until after the first prototype mrgreen

Good luck!