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Need: tiki_p_admin_groups

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Currently, under 'Permissions > Users' there is a configuration:

  • tiki_p_admin_users

Why than under 'Permissions > Groups' do I not find:

  • tiki_p_admin_groups

By not offering this, Security is compromised because you have to give 'tiki_p_admin' Permissions for simple 'Group' management.

Users with only 'tiki_p_admin_users' cannot view the groups that users belong to in ''/tiki-adminusers.php

  • ''they see only 'Registered' users and the users in their own group.
  • which makes 'tiki_p_admin_users' not usable.
    • or, is there a bug? I looked through the Wishlist, could not find anything related to this but somehow recall Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist bringing this up on the Dev List


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Group permissions can be managed on a group by group basis, there's a key icon at the bottom of the group edit page which takes you to


And there you can set which groups can managed/list/join/leave etc for the group.

But can be quite confusing, assigning group permissions on a group to other groups... good luck! mrgreen

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Ok, but that's just 'Object' level permissions. I already have the 'Global' level set so as much as possible, (e;g; 4 parameters in screenshot below) and that 'Object' level already displays those permissions when I open it up (e.g. inherited):

Screenshot From 2021 05 23 15 28 50

But just to be sure, I went back and assigned all the possible parameters in the 'Group' feature to the top group (cleared cache, re-indexed also), still no change -

One issues is that the top level group does not even see the page /tiki-admingroups.php unless I give them full tiki_p_admin privileges. But the odd part is that in /tiki-adminusers.php they can view the new added users, but can only see them listed as 'Registered' - the other groups they were assigned to are not listed. Yet I go in as Admin and can see all the groups listed for those new users, so definitely just a permission issue, which I believe tiki_p_admin_groups would solve.

There is no option under 'Settings' for 'Admin Groups' (like 'Admin Users'), which of course, makes sense because there is no tiki_p_admin_groups option (unless, of course, you give tiki_p_admin permissions)

Would it be a significant undertaking to add tiki_p_groups? (I'm not suggesting you do this, just want to understand the realities)