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Custom User Homepages and Confirmation Pages Using New User Registration Trackers

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Sam wrote:

I'm trying to have a custom homepage that shows new user information and a confirmation page that shows the information a user has entered before they submit payments. I have a new user tracker with all the information that I would like to collect, but how can I go about displaying a user's tracker information on a custom page?


Hi, Sam
Here below is an example from my old project about drivers and their abilities. I would need to do more testing to remember and explain but it might be useful to start with...

{trackerlist trackerId="2" fields="88:89:3:4:5" action=>Add to Users showtitle=>y, showdesc=>y, showmandatory=>y, embedded=>y} {LIST()}{filter content="3" field="tracker_id"} {filter type="trackeritem"} {OUTPUT( template="table")} {column field="login" label="login" mode="raw"} {column field="languages" label="Languages" mode="raw"} {column field="languages2" label="Languages2" mode="raw"} {column field="vehicle" label="Vehicle")} {column field="cranes" label="Cranes"} {column field="handload" label="Hand Load"} {column field="livestock" label="Livestock"} {column field="adrclass" label="ADR Class" mode="raw"} {tablesorter server="n" sortable="type:reset" tsortcolumns="type:text|type:text" tsfilters="type:text|type:text" tspaginate="max:10" tscolselect="critical|5|6"} {OUTPUT} {FORMAT( name="login")} {display name="tracker_field_driverLogin" format="objectlink"} {FORMAT} {FORMAT( name="languages")} {display name="tracker_field_LangSkills" format="trackerrender" } {FORMAT} {FORMAT( name="languages2")} {display name="tracker_field_driverSpec_NOTUSED1" format="trackerrender" showfieldname="n"} {FORMAT} {FORMAT( name="vehicle")} {display name="tracker_field_driverSpec_TypeOfVehicle"} {FORMAT} {FORMAT( name="cranes")} {display name="tracker_field_driverSpec_CraneQualificationYesNo"} {FORMAT} {FORMAT( name="handload")} {display name="tracker_field_driverSpec_LoadByHandYesNo"} {FORMAT} {FORMAT( name="livestock")} {display name="tracker_field_driverSpec_LivestockYesNo"} {FORMAT} {FORMAT( name="adrclass")} {display name="tracker_field_driverSpec_ADRClass" format=trackerrender default="NO"} {FORMAT} {LIST}