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How can I 'hide' the 'page action' button...

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Hi Rick,

This one worked:

{if $page eq 'Homepage'}
.wikiactions {display:none}

only a little too good - it removed the page action button on all pages of the site! (tested on two separate sites, separate installations and hostings)

I tried a few variations, just in case:
- 'HomePage'
- '/Homepage' (and '/HomePage')
- and the full URL, starting with 'https...'
- and, I tested with a 'test page' which was not the HomePage
but none worked.

Also, to make sure there wasn't any 'incorrectly coded' CSS in my 'Custom CSS' field, I removed everything there and just added this code, but same result.

It seems something in Tiki is overriding the custom page configuration and applying it everywhere - Bootstrap?