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Features / Usability

Which way is the best to build a menu to those my needs? So many possibilities... (new to TikiWiki)

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Thanks for your Answer.

I am using Tiki 21 LTS. Forgot to mention that. Sorry. When it's available, I'll upgrade to 24 LTS.

Nobody needs to open all the levels - but can, if wanted. For now, I just added a custom Module and put all the links to the pages I have by now (only 10 in 4 levels). Levels are just indented using html & n b s p ;, because + does not work - even with wiki syntax enabled. :-( Now I'm only missing the little triangle to fold it all. Maybe that's possible using js.

This many levels may not be super user friendly, but it's a way to sort a knowledge base similar to wikipedia (just more managed and very specialized). The only other solution I can think of, ist just to scrap it altogether or use a special page for it. Maybe that is a solution for later times... for now, I want the navigation bar.