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Features / Usability

Which way is the best to build a menu to those my needs? So many possibilities... (new to TikiWiki)

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What do you mean by breadcrumb? Is that the name of the icon in the top right corner? On normal pages never been in a structure it only consists of the menu for page activities and only shows itself if there are any (like "edit page"). The structures menu next to it is just empty if you open it - but only displays on pages that have been part of a structure. In my opinion, it should be hidden, if empty, just like the actions menu.

"You can either make a navigation menu from a "menu Id" or from a "structure Id"
It will use your structures to create a menu with many children you like... "
Now I still don't know where to begin with. Where is 'it'?

Thanks for your effort and patience with me in both threads, it is really appreciated.