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How to get rid of user "admin"?

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I don't like user accounts that everybody knows about - just like "admin" - it is just one more thing to make a hack easier. I have another user that is in the admins group. So, unless there are special abilities if the username is "admin", which another user in the "admins" group does not possess, I want to get rid of this user - or at least rename it. How do I do that? Or why should I not?

For now, I just removed "admin" from every group there is, leaving the account without any groups. The account acts like it was in group "registered".

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I think your plan of removing the admin user from all groups should be sufficient.

I guess you could delete the user directly from the database, but I'm not sure what repercussions that might have (e.g., for any pages or items that have the admin as the owner). Or maybe you can simply suspend the admin account (e.g., with the waiting column)?

You could try using the Banning feature, but I'm not sure how that works with the admin user.


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