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Features / Usability

Using and handling images and their metadata

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Hi Jonny Bradley,

thanks for your fixes.

This is where I got my version of tiki from. 24.0 is the most up to date version there - not including your changes, but official 24 LTS.

I guess this is what I would download to get your last changes - but it would not be an official and tested LTS, right?

As I don't do this every day - actually never before - and this is a production environment (just not yet widely advertised), I am reluctant to use a repo only version. I'd rather want to wait for 24.1 LTS if that's not too long to wait for. What would be your guess to how long it will be till 24.1 LTS comes out? A few weeks or several months?

Maybe you can give me a hint to the types in the list above? I guess with that I would be able to do a first implementation of images in my wiki and "go public" through advertising in facebook groups before updating to 24.1 LTS...