Features / Usability

Features / Usability

No (free)tags in Tiki 25, files gallery ?

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I'm experimenting media management in Tiki25 (master).
The idea is to upload in batch mode folders of pictures (2022, 2021, etc.) and then use tags to allow easy search (Nature, Family, etc).

I enabled the tags feature (freetags) and go to "edit property" once a picture is uploaded.
No sign of tags insert field.
Can't we set a tag on a file in Tiki ?

posts: 8514 Israel

Ha ha...

I see Luci posted a workaround;
It is currently (21.x) only possible to tag files using the Freetag module which has to be assigned to a module zone.

Still unsure how simple the could be, but yeah look like a missing feature...

One can imagine we could use trackers to refer each picture as a trackeritem... but it will make things much more complex (from a photographer point of view).