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Weirdness in forum thread reader

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Has anyone seen this with Obviously not happening on tikiwiki.org...

When I click to read a thread the right sidebar appears below the left sidebar and it says page 1/0 below the thread.

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Yes, it is happening on tikiwiki.org

When you view a post in the forums which DOSE NOT HAVE A REPLY, it messes up the tables used to format the default tiki theme, and causes the right hand bar to appear on the bottom of the left bar.

Once you reply to a message, there is no problem, only happens when its the first message in a thread.

There is also a missing colored table below the smilyes section, to the right of "attach file"


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Fallowup, The problem dose not show its self in the Matrix theme, but it dose in all other themes I've tested, and I've tested most of them.

If anyone can find a quick fix for the default theme, please let us know here..

--Thanks, Thomas