Help Write the TikiWiki Docs!

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The basic structure for creating a new set of Wiki-fied docs for versions 1.7 and beyond seems to be coming together. Here's what I've found (below). Writers, editors, screen-grabbers are all needed.

Latch on to a particular feature and put your editorial stamp on it!

For a list of Tiki features, with their Glossary entries:

  • TikiFeatures

For an explanation of the various Wiki pages needed for each feature (i.e., FeatureGloss, Feature, FeatureDoc, FeatureDev, FeatureAdmin):

  • FeatureX

For a list of Wiki feature pages that have been written or are currrently being written and a proposed process for editing them:

  • FeatureReference

For a proposed set of conventions for documentation (when to italicize, when to boldface, etc.):

  • DocConventions