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Hi All !
From a lot of years ago, I am running two sites TikiWiki:
without being a computer genious and with the GREAT HELP of these forums...!

But currently, the issue is the upgrade, maintenance, development, etc. of the sites that greatly surpass my possibilities and knowledge... and generally causes great problems of CPU in my current server: HostGator !

Looking for solutions, I sent emails to all the "wiki experts hoistings" and wiki farms, but rigth to now nobody gives me that solution... everybody gives me the hosting (as HostGator gives me...) but not the wiki support !

Perhaps in these forums, somebody know about a hosting or wiki farm that can host my 2 sites and give me the support in a complete way ( specially the upgrade of the first of the sites ) ?


Roberto Azar

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I'm able to see 100s of wiki pages (http://ebawords.com/tiki-listpages.php) as Anonymous. For example, the page http://ebawords.com/tiki-index.php?page=180+Shooter displays fine for me.


I'm able to see 100s of wiki pages (http://ebawords.com/tiki-listpages.php) as Anonymous. For example, the page http://ebawords.com/tiki-index.php?page=180+Shooter displays fine for me.




Where I am confusing what you can do and you can't ?

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azarober wrote:


http://ebawords.com/tiki-index.php?page=Defensive+Efficiency+Rating(external link)


This is a wiki page — not an article.

  • Did you apply object permissions to the page?
  • Is the page in a category? If so, what permissions are applied to that specific category?
  • Do you have a wiki page that has comments that can be read by Anonymous? Try comparing its permissions.

I also suggest that you review the Permissions docs, especially the differences between Group, Category, and Object permissions (and how they work together).


- Rick | My Tiki Blog | My Tiki UserPage

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Current permissions for this category:

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Hi all !

After one month without answer to emails, skype and carrier pigeons, I return to the community: I need AGAIN, an urgent and REAL HELP from the community to do the upgrades of my tikiwiki sites:

http://ebawords.com (my encyclopedia with daily updates) from Tiki 3.0

After very much to-ing and fro-ing during five months, and having passed all the passwords of my servers, including my CC in order to access directly to the Hostgator Support, I am:

1) with my 2 tikiwiki sites "freezed" ( one of those sites is my e-book ): with no uploads nor updates during those 5 months: the server where the two tikis are hosted is fulfilled with a lot of tiki versions (all of them) and experimental folders and files, THEREFORE I have not automatic cPanel back up and Hostgator does not back up servers of such a volume ! No back up for 5 months !

2= After these 5 months, the Encyclopedia ( ebawords.com ) GOES ON closed to the anonymous visitor when all the instances are for free entrance to everybody ! This problem was not solved in five months !!!

2) more than 150 register requests are uncontested because there was nothing to offer during those 5 months and 143 registered members did not renewed their membership and 4-5 publicity ads were lost on July the 1st.;

3) therefore losing much more than the 100 Euros requested and accorded for the two upgrades (one of the upgrades was done - WITH PROBLEMS - but was only from tiki 6 !!! and I could do it by myself... ) in members registering annulled and publicity lost because these 5 months with those sites stopped !

The offer (which includes the upgrade to Tiki 10 if it is REALLY necessary (!) remains firmly ONLY to who REALLY can and REALLY want and REALLY have the time and REALLY is part of this community and REALLY will do finally the job !

If I don't succeed to find somebody, I had lost 6 years of works...!

But I need an urgent reply, in order to clean the server an do an urgent back up !

The work is in the middle... but if I need to delete all the experimental folders I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DELETE !!!

Thanks in advance !

Roberto Azar

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Hello Roberto,

I did easily update one of your websites.

The other website has issues, but not the issues that you discribe.

That what Rick did try to explain to you, I already explained to you aswell.

You complain about pages, comments and articles not to be accessible, but they are accessible.

You complain about a damaged site, but the site is in the same stage than it was from the beginning - NO changes done!

Your site is not damaged, it is MISSCONFIGURED!

Only one example of the missconfiguration are hundreds of article headers which link to wikipages instead of article content

You cannot see any article comment on a wikipage!! That is not a damage. You just cannot complain about missing spinach, if you are making an apple pie!

I already tried different stuff to export and reimport your massively big database as a copy for upgrade - finally after a few trials it worked.

The upgrade did not yet work to the end, because of whatsoever missconfiguration and I told you a several times, the following facts:

A ) I will not switch off your old site and I will do no changes to the originial website, but I will upgrade a copy and only when the copy will be working, the domain would be switched

=> that is why the domain is not switched - the already done upgrades have had massive errors.

B ) I will only do the actual live upgrade, when I have the time to guarantee to anytime switch back to the original state - to the running backup - the unchanged old site.

C ) As you ordered at your ISP, your ISP copied your one account to the other one account and nothing is deleted or missing. The website you are complaining about is simply working the same way than ever - NO CHANGES
The other website is smoothly running on Tiki9 since weeks.

D ) After the move you ordered, there has been an issue with one domain. I did explain to you in advance, that this issue would arise in case you would do it this way.
I suggested different solutions.

Finally after another one of several long chats with your ISP, I could solve this problem aswell - without any cost for you.

E ) The issues that you discribe are not reproducable. Your website is NOT not accessible.

F ) There are maximum a few hundred MiB of Tikifiles, which are clearly marked either as downloaded .ZIP files or as Testinstallation.

Your running Tiki 9 website and the future upgrade are clearly structured this way:

Tiki root:
public_html/tikiwebsites/domain/SVN_90 (or the actual used version)

The corresponding directories for files:
and so on

A maximum of few hundred MiB compared with the whole lot of files and different websites you have installed, cannot be the reason of an "inode quote exceed".

You either have some patience and endurance, or you need somebody else to do the job.

You might find somebody to do a quick upgrade, like I did on your one website and like I did a few days ago for another guy in this forum, who had realreproducable errors. Less than two hours job and he had a __running website without any issue.

Your site has issues, but most should be from missconfiguration and the maybe issues related to old version.

Independantly with which CMS you work - for an 'upgrade and fix the mysterious issues' job on a missconfigured website, every consultant or developer would need much time.


as long as you have nobody else, I do not leave you alone, but I work on your server when I have time and not when you complain.

If you have patience, I will get your second website upgraded same as the first one.
Hopefully we can manage to give you an understanding which are the missconfigurations, how you can fix it and how you can prevent in the future.

And to the end Roberto again: no worries, your ebawors website is unchanged, is still accessible under the original domain, will not be deleted. All work is done on a copy of the site.

Patience and a less aggressive way of complaining would make things much easier.

When you want another one to have a look at your server, just give me a shout.
At any time I am prepared to provide any necessary information to you or to the person you choose and any information what and where I worked and with what result.


Our very first contact has been 3 month and 13 days ago, when I replied to you on a forum post in the aim to help you volontarily in my sparetime (after work and kids and such).

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... waiting another 3 months and 13 days and 19 hours and 21 minutes...
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...in the meantime more members and announcers will give up... and at the end we'll STAY ALONE YOU AND ME !

Bys this moment me and ANYONE can log in to ebawords.com ! And the server remains with folder fulfilled with ALL the tiki versions and Host Gator can NOT may a back up ....!

My fault !


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More than 5 unsuccessful login attempts have been made. An email has been sent to you with the instructions to follow.
Go back

Return to home page

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"More than 5 unsuccessful login attempts have been made.
Please visit this link before login again:...."

That link take everybody to the same page and once again the same process... My personal passwords and the admin password does not works !

GAME OVER also for me !

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1 ) please, could you be so kind, not to scream so much in your forum-post-titles?

2 ) please mind my mails in which I answer your mails after coming home from work or my kids contact.

I just came home a few minutes ago, have seen the problem with the password and fixed it straight away - no idea what happened, but you can login again.

Same time I cannot login at cpanel anymore - maybe you changed passwords? I did not change anything, which I did not provide to you!

Following from my mail regarding your notice of planning to delete folders:

... you can delete the folder /Torsten and all it's content -> inside there is only downloaded Tiki- zipfiles and testing-stuff

But the folder /tikiwebsites should at this moment contains your running website "ebasystem.com" (Tiki9)
I am sure, that this folder also contains the future ebawords.com website and some prepared folders for a step by step upgrade, because the recent 3to9 upgrade di not work (my plan was now 3to6to7to9
Do not delete this folder, if you do not really know what you are doing!

Please mind, that if you delete this folder, your website will be down (not accessible anymore!!! no PHP -> no website)

I am not sure about the content of the folders /ebawords_com and /ebawiki_com

But I believe that one of both is a backup you made on your other account and which your ISP did move after your personal order.
The other one should be the running website "ebawords.com" (Tiki3)

It would not so much a damage, if you delete just the PHP files, because than you still have the databases, but please please mind, that if you delete the software, then the websites will be down!

Just only do that, if you know what you are doing!
You are going to take your running sites down.

If you want to additionally will delete the corresponding databases PLEASE!!! make a backup from each db!!! I fear, that I already deleted from my computer, where I had both for a short while, when I exported and imported as a copy for the actual upgrade.

I do not keep such data locally from other people, like customers ... so please take a dump before deleting or it will be gone on your own fault!


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Update eBA Stats Group right to 7th., August 2012:
Another 15 members DID NOT renewed on August the 1st. their eBA Stats Group Membership because "they don't receive what I promised..."

TO ALL THE Tiki Community: SOS ! ebawords.com is crashing !

Roberto Azar
eBA Stats Group in its lasts days !

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Thank you for contacting HostGator.com.

Unfortunately do to the amount on inodes — over 300,000 — we can not process a backup for the entire account for ebasystem.com (gator1556 // user azarober). Running a backup for the entire account would cause extreme I/O and load issues for all the users on the server.

If there are no further issues, there is no need to reply. However, if I have over looked anything, please simply reply back to this email.

Let us know if there is anything else that you are in need of. We are here via phone, chat and email 24/7.
Chris W
HostGator.com LLC

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http://domain.tld:2095 — webmail
http://domain.tld:2086 — WHM (Reseller / VPS / Dedi)

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Hey There !

NOBODY gives me a hand or an answer to my URGENT solicitude (see below ) for help when my sites are CRASHING ?

ALONE... into the community...


''Update eBA Stats Group right to 7th., August 2012:
Another 15 members DID NOT renewed on August the 1st. their eBA Stats Group Membership because "they don't receive what I promised..."

TO ALL THE Tiki Community: SOS ! ebawords.com is crashing !

Roberto Azar
eBA Stats Group in its lasts days !''

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Due to the 4 months upgrade work, I was asked NOT to add nothing... that's means the site is freezed and the registered members are not renewing their membership because for 4 months I did not added a line !!!


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