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New file gallery to have same permissions as parent

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Is it possible to set up tiki so that when a file gallery is created, it has the same permissions as the file gallery in which it is placed?

I've created file galleries for each of my users and set permissions so that only they can upload, delete, and create new galleries within their folder. But when a new gallery is created within a user gallery, it gets the global permissions, which means any user can upload, delete, and create new galleries.



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 I think you can, yes.

You can create a file gallery by configure all new settings.
You want to avoid this to do frequently, when you have more or less the same setting in several galleries.

For that you can "duplicate" a gallery instead of "create". You can then deside to use the settings with or without copying the categories aswell and with or without copying the permissions.
is exactly what
As I usually do permissions with categories, I would have to tick "categories".
You duplicyte the gallery WITHOUT the content, getting a new empty duplicate with a new name -> so I think that is exactly what you need.


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Torsten's suggestion to use Category permissions may be the best/easiest implementation. If you simply assign the newly created File Gallery to a category (that you've already configured with the correct permissions), the new gallery will automatically inherit the permissions.

See the docs for details.



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Unfortunately, most of my users are very easily confused when it comes to  creating content on the internet.

I have already created folders for each member and assigned individual (user) group permissions to each.  Since I already have a category for each user, I could easily do the permission by category instead.

The issue now is creating folders within their own individual folders.

I think they should be able to learn how to create a new folder, but assigning the category is something they will either not understand or are liable to forget.  And if they do not set it, the permissions will not be correct.

Now, it should be said that this is not a critical issue for my group, who are few in number.  If I have to, I can manually set the category for folders they create, and this is not something that will be done often.  Still, it is something I would have to monitor manually.

It makes a lot of sense to me if folders were to inherit the group permissions and categories assigned to the parent (containing folder) by default.  I'll file a wish.