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Images Have Scrollbars

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Hello all, I have recently run into an issue with posting my images. No matter the size of the image it adds scrollbars and I have no idea why.

Base Image

And when I click on the image it does this


The code I'm using for the picture is this

{img fileId="168" thumb="y" width="500" rel="box[g]"}

Here is the same issue but with a smaller image

Base Image2

And when I click on it


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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What version of Tiki are you using? Also, is your site public?

-- Gary

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Sorry I completely forgot to mention that I'm using Tiki 13.1 and no it is not a public site sorry

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I just added a small image in my local test Tiki 13, and the image doesn't have a scrollbar. I'm not sure if there've been any bug fixes between the release of Tiki 13.1 and the current code related to this. Can you check the page using a DOM inspector like Firefox and Firebug, or Chrome and its inspector? It's kind of hard to diagnose without seeing the page.

-- Gary

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Aye no idea, and I just took this screen shot from the Inspect Element


The actual image is 

Width: 250

Heigth: 156

But for the fade in shadow box it's



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A better image of the Inspect Element


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So this morning I was messing around and uploaded a new image and it had no scrollbars, I then was reading through the Inspect Element and noticed this

On the page that the images have no scrollbars


And on a page where the images do have scroll bars


So on pages with scrollbars it has 

"Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function"

0 idea what that means though