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How to create namespaces?

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i try to create pages in namespaces.
My separator configuration is :_:

Unfortunately creating a page like
create a page ns:_:pagename
and not a page
pagename inside namespace ns

How could i create namespaces and pages inside them?

I'm using Tiki14

Thanks in advance


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Have you enabled the "Namespace" feature (experimental)?

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Hello Poul,

given you have your feature "Namespace" active, ex. with the seperator :_:

create a page myspace:_:firstpage and a page myspace:_:secondpage , both pages are in the namespace "myspace" ... so you need not really "create" one, but it aggregates itself when you use a naespace name and a namespace seperator.

Think about chossing a good seperator early: I find :_: not so exactly perfect, as it often causes cryptic links. I tend to use either .. or ~ .But your chice.

There is an additional setting where you can choose that non-namespace-links on namespace-pages would automatically link to the namespace-page with the same name.

example (when ths option is active):
Given you are on a page "myspace:_:somepage" and there you write a link to a wiki page like ((anotherpage)) then this wiki link (only on the myspace:_:somepage) would link to "myspace:_:anotherpage".
The same link ((anotherpage)) on another name space page, example: "bloopies:_:Home" would link to "bloopies:_:anotherpage".

You should find this additional setting option in "Admin | Wiki".