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Link to tracker item and to build tracker item from link?

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I'm new at this so I hope I can explain this correctly.

I would like to create a new topic (new system documentation), during that topic be able to create a word or syntax that would link to a tracker item (tracker is a list of server, item being one server).

So for example:
Project X runs on server ::VSTEST1.

VSTEST1 would then be a link to the item VSTEST1 located in the tracker (list of servers with various fields).

If the item called "VSTEST1" hasn't been created yet, I would like it to bring up the tracker form to basically create that item when its clicked on for the first time.

It looks like the "inline plugin Insert Tracker Item" might do what I want but I can't seem to get a straight answer on it or its just not making sense.

I have the tracker built, I have a few test items in there with a few fields .

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So I understand, that you have one tracker where you list servers.

You want some type of link or field of a form on a wiki page, where you can add (type in) the name of a server.

Then click on a button for example "submit", "go" or "ok".

If a server with this name is already existing in the tracker you want to be forwarded to the tracker item of this server => example.com/trackerX?item=Y (whilst item number Y would be the tracker item with the servers credentials).

If the server is not yet existing in the tracker, you want to be forwarded to a tracker form to add the server credentials to the tracker.

Did I get this right?


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Kinda.  I'd like to be able to enter something while typing in the editor to auto create a link to the tracker item.


So in the editor I type:

This program runs on ::VSSERVERNAME.


When I save the editor it reads:

This program runs on VSSERVERNAME.


And now VSSERVERNAME is link to the item located in the tracker system.


Its the whole syntax above "::VSSERVERNAME" that I'm not sure if or how you can do that.


Perhaps I shouldn't be using a tracker, perhaps I should make some WikiPage call "VSSERVERNAME".  That's actually what I started with before I figured about a tracker and how its like a database within Tiki.  I had been looking for a way to make a wikipage template called "servers" where if we were typing in information about a system and wanted to enter info about the physical hardware we could enter a WikiWord and have it autolink/create a page for a specific server.


Does that help?  Or make it worse?

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I think what might work, as I learn more on this, is if we can create a wiki page per item listed in the tracker?  Perhaps by a specific field # within the tracker?


Tracker #2, Field #6 contains our Server Names.  Would it be possible to create a wiki link that went directly to that item?


There does seem to be a link to the item name (title I guess) but its not in wikiformat that I can tell.  It just shows the itemID but knowone is really going to know the Server's Item number while entering a system wiki page.



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Hi mikeyr,

I was just looking at your request.

Just to be clear, you want to be able to have sort of wiki-page linking functionality, but with tracker items rather than wiki pages?

Essentially, being able to create a link to a trackeritem on a wiki page, and if that tracker item doesn't exist, give the user the option to create the tracker item? (pretty much like how linking to wiki pages that don't exist gives you the opportunity to create it).

Off the top of my head, I don't know of a simple way to do this, but I've got a few ideas that might work . So if I've understood it correctly, let me know and I'll try to flesh out my ideas (I don't want to spend too much time on thinking of a solution if I've misunderstood, haha).