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Trackers on Mobile

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Am in the restaurant business and want to collect feedback from the guest using trackers.
The guest should not access the website.
A tablet will be given to customer where feedback will be recorded on an app of trackers. the information will then be sent to the website.

Can this be done? Please advise how?



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Hi Sartaj,

a very interesting use case!

Question to ask:

Would the tracker be located in the same installation/database as the website. => Then how to access the tracker without login from inside the restaurant, but not access the tracker from outside. => Maybe logged in as guest on the device with a remember me cookie or so?

Or would the tracker be located on a local website accessible only from the devices and inside the restaurant? => Then sort out to send the tracker to the website, maybe with the remote tracker sync functionality?

Setup of the specific tracker / wikipage:

Set the tracker istelf to be accessed by admins only and create wikipage with tracker plugin as form.

Optionally use PrettyTracker functionality to make it possible to design nice form on a pretty website.

Template for PrettyTracker can be either a wikipage or a template.tpl file on the server - the first massively easy to setup, the second more flexible and to be used like a HTML/Smarty template.
For your project first for testing and setup, second for final development.

Do you want to let the guests view the feedback of other users?
=> optionally list the tracker items with PluginList and format=medialist


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