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Mailing list integration - footer trimming

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Is there a way to make tiki and a mailing list work together such that automatic info added to the bottom of emails is stripped out when it comes into the forum?

It makes for excessively long posts when people don't trim, and people DON'T.

I was thinking something like a keyed series of symbols to set off the footer that can be safely trimmed on the mailing list side and a way to tell tiki "delete everything appearing between these symbols when processing incoming messages".

Even better if it could work recursively and strip it out from the quoted section of previous emails.

Can anything like that be accomplished?

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Hi Magess,

a verygood request.

We would need thatfor the community aswell - the Tikians DON aswell (see forum of devel-list).

I see two ways off-hand: either you are 1. coder and commit to the upstream or 2nd you submit a wish to the wishlist/bugtracker and discuss with the devs in the devölist or the IRC.

Thx for bringing this up,