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Logging in prompts download of the Logo

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so it seems whenever I or any of my users login to the Tiki Wiki (version 14), it will try to save, or automatically save (depending on what browser is used) the logo.

Firefox will prompt open / save whereas Chrome will simply download the logo.

I am curious how I can disable this so users can login without being asked to download the logo.

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That's odd... I haven't seen that behavior before. And I cannot duplicate your issue on the demo site (https://demo.tiki.org/14x/tiki-index.php). Maybe there's something mis-configured on your server? What is the URL of your site?


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Unfortunately it is on our companies internal intranet so you wouldn't be able to access it unless you were physically in the building. The information contained is for our specific team, so my team lead had me lock it down tight so no one outside our team can get access to it, unfortunately otherwise I would happily give it to you in order to try and duplicate the issue.


I guess i'll keep poking at settings, hopefully someone else on the forum has encountered this issue.  Thank you for replying though!

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Hi TC,

I strongly suggest, that you do a freh (clean) installation and connect it to a dumped (copied) database (of the original).

Then you copy/paste custom files if any and go from there.

Aswell you sould use /tiki-check.php, cause we cannot any evaluate the specific configuration of your interrver. We can only state, that by experience Tiki is quite uncomplicated to working with average shared hosting environments or even root servers or VMs (latter ones i configured by our Tiki sysadmins).

Do you ue https?  We just recently had a guy with an htts issue - he needed to switch off https for a moment, login to Tiki, activate there and then reactivate on the server. He could not log in vi his https forcing webenvironment until Tiki had it activated (thought possible directly in the database aswell, once somebody gives you the correct parameter entry from another https using Tiki).

Sorry, that I cannot help more at this specific point, as we have neither acees to debugenough information. We just know "it does not work", whilst we see no reason why it should not work.

Last hint:

carefully track any difference of the stings of the old and the new installation (as the old one worked) - consider .htaccess and php.ini and maybe possible database settings.


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i'll talk with our server guy and see if we can't track down the issue. Thanks for the direction!