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Cross Links?

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Hopefully this is the correct place to post this question -

Is it possible to create a link on a page to a specific blog post like linking one page to another?

And - is it possible to make a link to a heading or section with a heading instead of an entire page?

For example - I'd like to be able to point to a specific alphabetized section (the "C" section) rather than bounce to the top of a page.

Thanks for any help

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You can use the ALINK plugin to link to any anchor on a wiki page. Please see the docs for details: https://doc.tiki.org/pluginalink

Since Tiki automatically creates an anchor for each Heading, you can easily link directly to a page's heading.



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I was able to get the anchors set up and working for the sub sections of the pages - thanks for that.


What I still can't figure out how to do is to link from a page to a specific blog post. 

My users want to set up blogs, but then also have a link with a date from their main page to each post. 

Is that outside what tiki can do ?




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Hello Ladyejan,

there is a module "months_links" which shows blog posts per year and month. You could apply that for example to one of the side columns.

If you want to manually link from a specific page or article to a blog post you could use the "Permanent Link", which is hidden by CSS colors in some theme(s) I just now figured out => one of the few still existing inconsistencies due to the Bootstrap transition.

The link is in a wrench right besides the blogpost title.

Here is the current HTML of the blogpost title (to visualise the current selctors):

<header class="clearfix postbody-title panel-heading"> <div class="title"> <h2 class="panel-title">Pilot Project: Tiki Translation Team on Transifex <a aria-hidden="true" class="tiki_anchor" href="blogpost610-Pilot-Project-Tiki-Translation-Team-on-Transifex" title="permanent link"><span class="icon icon-link fa fa-link fa-fw "></span> </a> </h2> </div> </header>

I'll file a bug report.
Maybe I'll find some time to fix it myself, but there might be sme guys who could do that much faster than me.


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Thank you for all this great information.

I don't have a wrench on my blog titles, but there is the word "permalink" at the bottom of each blog post - which I'm thinking is the same thing.


I tried messing with it - but haven't found a way to make it act like a link when placed on a wiki page.