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Tiki Website, Can Someone Tell Me How They Do It?

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Good day folks, I have visited this site for some inspiration in the past, and I would like to present wiki pages on our home pages of our tiki like this website does, can anyone tell me what plugin they are using to have their writings appear on their home page? Here is the link to the site:
Thanks for any help!

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Hi John,

Those are articles being presented, rather than wiki pages. That is, the Articles feature (https://doc.tiki.org/Article+User) is providing that content. Then the Articles plugin is being used to display the items in the wiki homepage.

-- Gary

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Thanks Gary, is there a way for wiki pages to be presented or "shown off" at the home page? Preferably randomly? I did try Plugin Random Include, but unfortunately there is not way to display entry text or just a portion of the randomly presented wiki pages, the Random Include present the full text and images of the page.
Thanks again!

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I'm not sure about the random part, but I use the LISTPAGES plugin (in conjunction with SLIDER) to highlight/showcase new newest wiki pages, or pages from specific categories.

Something like this would show the 3 most recently edited pages in category 99 (the first 750 characters of the page) in a slider/carousel.

{listpages max="1" showNameOnly="n" categId="99" for_list_pages="y" sort="lastModif_desc" length="750" showCheckbox="n"}
{listpages max="1" showNameOnly="n" categId="99" for_list_pages="y" sort="lastModif_desc" length="750" showCheckbox="n" offset="1"}
{listpages max="1" showNameOnly="n" categId="99" for_list_pages="y" sort="lastModif_desc" length="750" showCheckbox="n" offset="2"}


- Rick | My Tiki Blog | My Tiki UserPage

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Rick, thanks so much sir! This worked to an extent. I am still having display issues using the provided syntax above. I deleted the last line as I only have two test categories, perhaps that is the issue I am not sure. But I inserted the top two lines enclosed with the Slider attribute.
The problem is more than the text is showing, it appears the display page stats are showing too ie: hits, last modification, last author and etc. You can view my attempt here at http://tpwtestuser.com/tiki/Latest+Pages#&panel1-1
We almost got it, but I am afraid I am in unchartered water here and any help additional you can provide would be great. Thanks so much Rick.

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Rick, please disregard the last post, I just need to play with it to get it just right, I used the actual plugin and I am now exploring the features of the List Plugin and flipping switches and just seeing what does what, I have used your example as a jumping off point. Thanks for that! I'll check back in with my progress. Cheers!

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Ok, I got it cleaned up a little after playing with some of the features but I would still like to know if there is a way to just bring in the wiki page content without the hits, last modification, last author and etc.
Also, is there a way for an image (if one available) to populate the excerpts as well? Here is my cleaned up List Pages test page at http://tpwtestuser.com/tiki/List+Pages
Thanks guys for all your help.

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Thanks again Rick!

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Hi John, hi Rick,

I`d rather say this is something for the PluginList.

Basic Tutorial for a first impression: Tutorial - Display Tracker Data with Plugin List

Recently, just after writing the Tutorial and getting a number of hints from Bernard and Jonny, I started to use LIST regularly and to now replaced trackerlist. The awesome th ing is, that there a vast numbers of layout options and it can be used with much more than "only" Trackers.

Principally you'd need only to filter for wikipages and for the parts of the wikipages you want to show and to limit the number of characters or words in the output part..

Important (essentially required) are the fields of the Unified Search Index (or short Unified Index Fields).

Check the above linked pages out.
If you will not be getting there, I might find some time during next week to figure that out myself. It would be a god training to use LIST for other than Tracker stuff.

In case you play with it, please post the Code in a {CODE()} ... {CODE} plugin befre or after the result and post the link here. Than we (or I) can try the same code locally (after copy/paste) and post back a fix or a development step.


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Torsten, just a preliminary review of the excellent in depth tutorial you provided, I do not see a way to create a tracker that brings in pages of a wiki. Is the information there, and I am just not seeing it? Thanks!
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what you mean with "tracker that brings in pages of a wiki"?
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Actually I am not sure, I know not what I speak and I am sorry.

After reviewing the tutorial more, I think I am going down the wrong track. I could probably use the List plugin alone to bring in wiki pages with intro text. I am just now familiarizing myself with the List commands.

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Torsten, playing with this today, thanks!