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Cannot apply multilingual profile

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I've got fresh installation of Tiki 15.1 (over 15.0).
Trying to apply Multilingual profile in Control Panel->Profiles.
Search of profiles shows many profiles. I click on Multilingual_Wiki_12x and nothing happens.
Actually also clicking on any other profiles - same result - nothing happens.

Please help.

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Is that server (where your tiki is installed) behind a firewall proxy? If so, you'll have to add the proxy information for the profiles to work, since they attempt to fetch data from profiles.tiki.org in real time.

You can also try the Profiles Wizard, if that is easier (but after configuring the proxy info, anyway, if that is your case being behind a firewall)

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And welcome to the Tiki community, by the way! smile
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Thank you! ;)
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Server hosting Tiki is not behind the firewall. Neither my own PC is behind the firewall. They are both in the same subnet in LAN, having direct connection to internet (NAT).

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I am afraid, I don't have this "Status" section there.
This is what it shows for me:

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The time of last update is few hours before I rolled out update from 15.0 to 15.1

Refresh button does nothing.

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It is not behind a firewall.
Apparently it was able to connect to profiles site before update. Network configuration did not change.
On the site I do wget to profiles site and it works

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I'm not sure... my Tiki 15.1 sites (as well as the Tiki demo sites have no problem connecting to the Profiles Repository.

When you upgraded, did any of the new configuration files (htaccess, etc) overwrite any customizations for your sever? That's the only thing I can think of.


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The problem is not resolved yet. Do you have other suggestions?