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Using Tiki to Make A Sales Funnel

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I am just checking to see if this concept rings a bell to something related to tiki I should know about for a project I am helping a client with. The client needs a sales funnel. Just in case you are not 100% familiar with a sales funnel ( I have very little idea), here is what I know:

I am a nobody but my client is somebody and everybody who is anybody in a world she has shown me is all about the amazing web site concept that going to make you, me, and everyone we care about into quadrillionaires living on our own islands made of the extra money we could not spend

"Sales Funnel"

You use a web site for a sales funnel, and since Tiki really does have everything I can imagine built into it I am wonder if there is a live sales funnel wire I can connect to in the Tiki world.

My plan is to get my client to build her sales funnel with tiki.

If you an help Thank you and thank you for reading my post.

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As I understand it, "sales funnel" is just a name for the process of attracting buyers of your product or service and facilitating the sale, providing follow-up, etc. Tiki can be a tool for this (see http://otaku.com/ as an example) but is probably not for the faint-hearted (that is, custom configuration would probably need a contracted developer/consultant). Maybe using dedicated ecommerce software would be easier, if the main purpose of the website is sales.

You can make larger text by using the "Tag" plugin (click the question mark icon, go to the Plugin help tab, and find the Tag plugin). This lets you use CSS to style text.

-- Gary