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Features / Usability

Problems with 'Sub-Forum' Usability

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Hi Bernard,

Kind of what I thought would happen - now there are many 'sub-forums' with 'Last post - 19 days ago, 23 days ago, about a month ago, etc.', which will lead to a lot more 'inactivity' around them (before covid, you went to the 'cafe' with lots of people, not the one with no customers).

Fragmentation and limited resources.

The idea to separate the topics is fine, just the timing probably a little early - when there are at least 50 (?) new posts per day and also 10 - 20 (?) replies/comments to them, then it might be a good time to separate them out (e.g. when it becomes a problem). Before than, it seems more of an inconvenience for those who want to help and those that post comments for help.

Just my 2 cents as a user of the Forums which you may or may not want to pass along to the weekly meetings.