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Architecture / Installation

Question marks in place of icons

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...to say the least, I was rather surprised to easily migrate my wiki in another server. I exported - then imported db, installed tiki 12.2, connected it to the new db and there I was with all my pages, users, files, everything.

The only thing that went rather wrong was that instead of the small system icons in the pages (either the wiki pages or even the edit page), I now get question marks (see pic attached) and when I hover the mouse over them, I get the message error directory " not allowed by security setting.

Googling that I saw that this might be a problem with the permissions of files and directories of the installation which right now are:

  • sub-domain directory (parent directory of installation) rwx r-x r-x
  • directories inside the tiki folder are either rwx rwx r-x (like the admin, db, files, installer, modules folders etc) or rwx r-x r-x (like img, css folders)
  • all files are rw- rw- r--

Is the above permissions the problem? If yes, I could change them through plesk gui, right?

Thanks in advance

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well, it seems that I solved the problem (with help from my hosting provider).

What had happened: when plesk extracted the 12.2 zip file, it didn't replace two folders (img, css) that had itself created when I created the sub-domain. So, all the contents of img & css from 12.2 were missing.

I really am not that... good to know why plesk creates these folders and -more important- why it will not replace them with the img & css folders from 12.2. It doesen't seem logical.