Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Layout of Fivealive Theme problem in 12.2

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I upgrade to 12.2, and now the Site Title "Vulcan Portal Help" appears where the logo is, rather than its normal spot. I noticed under Customization, Custom CSS it has html>body{font-size: .85em;} I don't think that would affect the title.

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Some things to check:

  • Did you clear all the caches after upgrading?
  • Are you overriding any of the the base styles?
  • What are you settings for the logo module?

Can you provide a live link to the site?


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1. Clear cache - No I didn't doing it now. NO CHANGE.
2. Not overriding any base styles except the html>body>font noted above.
3. logo, 1, 7200, nobox=y
4. http://tiki.vul.com

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I stand corrected. I cleared the cache in the Tikii but was the same. I cleared the cache in the browser and it now looks correct.

Thanks for the Clear Cache tip.