Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Installing tiki-13.1.zip delivers Tiki v 13.0?

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Am I doing something wrong? Downloaded the tiki 13.1.zip file (twice) and installed it, but during install the database update tells me I am upgrading to 13.0. Upon install the Admin - General tab declares that 13.0 is no longer supported and I must upgrade to 13.1. The tiki-install.php page says that the install is for 13.0.

Where is 13.1?

Thanks in advance for any guidance,


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I was unable to duplicate your issue. I downloaded the tiki-13.1.zip and completed the installer. My Admin General page corrrectly shows 13.1.



Are you 100% sure you downloaded the correct version?

Did the first page of the installer say 13.1? If not, you're running the wrong installer.

Are you upgrading from an earlier version? Did you remember to clear your cache?




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Thanks for your quick response. The error was mine - and I repeated it twice. Downloaded the right version and somehow unzipped the wrong version into my server. Sorry for the wasted bandwidth.