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URL not found error

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I have installed the Tiki wiki 14.0 version using Bitnami installer on Windows 7. When I give any invalid URL e.g. https://localhost/tiki/abc.php, the page displays

Not Found

The requested URL /Applications/Bitnami/tiki-14.0-0/apps/tiki/htdocs/route.php was not found on this server.

Can this be fixed? Is it some installation issue? I need to fix this error because the security team has detected a vulnerability that the error code is revealing unnecessary information about the application (the file path for routes.php)

Your help is appreciated.

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May be I am wrong, but the error is saying it is not able to find route.php, so I believe the error is thrown from somewhere else. Interestingly, route.php does exist in the given path. And main issue is that instead of giving the relative url, it is giving installation path. 
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Ooops, my mistake. I misread your post. 

Yes, it looks like you're missing the route.php file (it should be in the root of your Tiki installation). It appears that you have an incompletly installed Tiki. 

You should check your installation logs or re-install Tiki. Alternatively, you can grab the route.php file from SVN and add it manually (if that is the only file you're missing).


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Hi Rick,


The route.php  exists in the given path. I don't think its incorrectly installed.  I am not sure if this file is used for every request, but the wiki works properly for known files. Only when I give some junk filename, I get this error.  Any idea if there is any mapping stored somewhere of the known filenames and actual path?