Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation


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I want to know complete steps guide to install fresh TIKI in old website..

Getting Error : Fatal error: Class 'Tiki\Wiki\SlugManager\DashGenerator' not found in /home/travisgr/public_html/14/temp/cache/container.php on line 2672

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Hello websolution,

can you please give us some more information?

I recon, you want to install a fresh Tiki 14 with a database of an older version (~ clean upgrade?), meaning you clone an existing database, install a fresh Tiki and connect to the clone!?

What are the server side ressources - especially PHP version, are you doing an svn installation via Shell or are you downloading a package etc.


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I am installing through cpanel on IIS server and PHP is 5.5. I had downloaded the tiki-14.2.zip files and uploaded them. but it is not working.

I have to use old db in fresh TIKI