This is a proposal /discussion about tv.tiki.org


  • Improve Tiki community and documentation via the use/re-use and sharing of audio and video media.
  • Dogfood Kaltura
    • See below
  • Use of video clips to provide information about Tiki.org

The big question

  • Should
    • tv.tiki.org be a perspective of tiki.org ?
    • Be a standalone site
    • not exist and videos live anywhere (which they do in fact, because they are either hosted on Kaltura.com or Vimeo, YouTube, etc.

Dogfood Kaltura

    • Per example, we wish to integrate a Video Remixer like this one bellow to make Tiki a complete video editing plateform.

Click to access the documentation
Click to access the documentation


  • All non text assets (audio and video) should be findable via tv.tiki.org
    • Either the from the search box or the list of pages
    • The audio and video can be hosted on our instance of Kaltura or hosted elsewhere and simply embedded in the page
    • The wiki page should have a description of the video, to help SEO.
    • The audio/video can also be embedded elsewhere (ex.: on doc.tiki.org), in which case there should be a link from the tv.tiki.org wiki page to the other sites.
  • It would be nice to have a navigation system so it's possible to filter videos by tags, keywords, etc.
    • Should we use tags and improve the search to show videos in the results?
  • There are also some bugs:
  • Experiment with MediaSpace (not FOSS but uses Zend Framework)



Guidelines for screencasts

  • Screen width of a maximum 1024 pixels (to avoid recording unused screen space)
  • Make sure sound is good. USB microphone is recommended

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